Version 2.3 Release: NEW ECONOMY!

Updated: Mar 26

Hi everyone! A lot of time passed since our last blog was published, but we are still here working very hard.

This time, we are bringing to you a new explanation about the version 2.3, what we made with it and why we made it.

A redesigned economy!

“Hi everyone!

Here, the Game Design Team. Thanks for playing and enjoying Geopoly!

We noticed a long time ago that the old economy was no scalable. Real properties are limited and infinite acquisition by one or few users will break the entire game soon or later, making it impossible to be played by new users. Capping the property acquisition by itself was an option, but we want to give the branches a purpose, even greater.

On the other hand, economic inflation was completely unchained. The acquisition of thousands of properties generates billions in a few hours and at some point, the game becomes boring and unchallenging.” Augusto Carrero, Lead Game Designer

Now, when a property is bought it’s associated with a branch through Management Capacity (MC). Branches have a limited MC that is upgradeable but not infinite, so you will have to build new ones and upgrade them when the maximum MC reached in order to acquire new properties. Properties require MC depending on the category.

Bought properties will be auto-assigned into a branch, but you can transfer them between branches at any time if the branches have the required MC.

As usual, by leveling up a new building branch will be available. And only upgrading properties will give you exp.

Take into consideration that bidding and direct offers will temporarily occupy MC.

If you run out of MC you won't be able to acquire more properties, make direct offers, or bid in auctions.

Actions Summary:

  • Properties costs and hourly incomes were rebalanced.

  • Properties and account progression were restarted.

  • Branches were demolished

  • Lingots were restored

A new style!

“Hi, folks!

Greetings from the Geopoly’s Art Team and thank you for giving us the opportunity to create new experiences for you, our fans!

We are proud to announce new changes to various aspects of the game!

A new improved user interface, with depth, identifiable colors, adaptable to all devices.

New styles of visualization for properties and branches, introducing a new system of interactive cards to improve the experiences of our most advanced users until those who start for the first time in the Game.

We also present new 3D elements within the game, improving events, iconography, and new sections that we launch in this new version.” Fernando Gianatelli, Lead Game Artist

Since the last versions, we advance in modifying the interface, much all the game is restyled. We still working on the old screens and elements and hopefully, they will be modified next version.

What’s Next?

We want to bring Geopoly to the next level, and we’re working very hard to achieve it. We’re polishing all the flows of the game, but also working into a new missions system for new and experts players. Hopefully, this feature will be released next version.

Also, a lot of players asked for customization, we’re working on that too.

Finally, a huge number of players asked for a new kind of social interaction. What should we do?

- A PvP feature

- A Clan system

- Both of them

We don’t know yet...

We’re excited about this release and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy working on it. Thanks for reading and for supporting Geopoly!!

The Geopoly’s Development Team.

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