The “0% status” loss was activated!

Updated: May 8, 2019

Hello GEOPOLY players! We would like to mention that today, Saturday, March 23, the loss of properties was finally activated when they reach 0% Maintenance / State.

The idea behind this strategy is that users who are not active in the game for a period of 12 days, automatically release to the market the properties that were in their possession, so that other players can buy and improve them.

This gives more possibilities to those who just started against those who have hundreds or thousands of properties already.

Besides, the strategy of the game is about “buy cheap, improve and create chains”, than simply try to accumulate as many properties as possible. With this maintenance requirement, investment in current properties is much more important than buying new ones.

Important: take into account that all the improvements of the properties that are "abandoned" (when you reach 0%) will be automatically lost, so always prioritize keeping the properties with more improvements in good condition.

Finally, later we will also be creating the "Maintenance Service", which for users who want to hire it, will keep their properties with no chances of getting to the 100% Maintenance, during the contracted period (we all want to take a vacation from time to time, right? ;) )


The Widow Games Team.

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