Hello CEOs!!!

How are you doing? Hope you are safe, healthy and sound.

We are all immersed in particular times where the Pandemic starts to diminish its impact in some regions, and it others is actually getting worse…

In these situations where many of you need to stay inside your homes, we wanted to develop a feature in the game that will allow you players to continue exploring, your neighbor… and the world.

With that in mind, we worked very hard during the last months to develop a brand new feature call “Exploration Mode”.

In this version that is coming live this Friday 30 April, you will find a new icon over the map´s left upper corner.

There you will have 2 options to select: Local Exploration or Global Exploration.

EXPLORTING YOUR LOCATIONS: THE DRONES In Local Exploration you will be able to launch a Drone in your location (where you are physically in that precise moment) and flight it with a virtual joystick over the map to explore your surroundings finding new available properties and business to buy.

You can also launch the Drone from any of your Branches as well (first you need to travel to that branch of course).

The Drone will have a battery that it will run out after some flying, and you will have the option to relaunch it from where it landed or go back to your initial launch location.

EXPLORING THE WORLD: SATELLITES! But do you want to go further with your exploration? Well, now you will have Global Exploration!

You will find the option to hire a Satellite in the same Exploration icon over the map, and from there, you will be given a list of +80 fantastic cities in the world that you can explore in seconds!

Once you are there, you can also launch a new Drone and explore everything, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Mc Murdoc Base at the Antarctica (but you won´t find many business there though😊).

With these new Exploration Modes we believe any player will have the chance to find new business opportunities no matter where they are, without the need to leave your homes (if you don´t have to).

We really hope you like this new feature, and if you have any comments, critics, recommendations, love declarations… just feel free to leave them in our Feedback Form: Thanks and game on!!!! The GEOPOLY Team

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