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Updated: May 15, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog!

Here we will upload the news that we will include in each new update of the game. In this opportunity we want to tell you about the basic functions of the game.

Game Mission:

The final objective of the game is to develop the "World's Largest Real Estate Empire". For them you should try to buy cheap ... and sell expensive! (as in reality, right?)

And how do I achieve it?

At the start of the game you will have some money available to start creating Branches and buy Properties, both on the Map and in the Auctions.

Interesting these Auctions ... How do they work?

The Auctions are Properties that are being sold to the market by other users (from all over the world). Each Auction has a base price fixed by the seller and lasts 24 hours. At the end of the Auction, the user who has offered the higher bid keeps the property!

I do not find empty properties around me, and Auctions are somewhat expensives ... What do I do?

In the event that there are no properties available around you, or that these are very expensive in the Auctions, we recommend that you create a Branch that will be built quickly where you are, and will start to generate a safe money entry.

Also, to earn money quickly, you can watch the Random Events on the map (light aircraft, drones, balloons, airships and even astronauts!) That if you catch them, they will give you boxes with money that you can duplicate when you see an advertisement (this is obviously optional!).

Crystal clear! I have just created 5 in the same place.....

Nooo!!! Please do not do that ... (and excuse the outburst ...). The most interesting thing that Branches have, besides generating money, is that they will allow you to go back to where they are (anywhere in the World where you place them) even if you are not there physically!

You only need to be present in that place once, create the Branch on the map, and you will be able to return "virtually" whenever you want, to be able to buy in the area as if you were physically there.

I already have some money ... and now what?

Now that you have a little more cash, we recommend that you continue searching in different locations of the map empty properties that are always the cheapest. And that you pay attention to the Auctions, in order to find a good offer.

I already have money and I want to buy the Stadium of my province ... but it seems to be locked!

The categories of intermediate and superior properties will remain blocked until you increase the level of your Headquarters. To do this, you must invest in your Properties and Branches making improvements that will increase the level of the HQ.

Ok, if invest in Improvements of my Properties or Branches ... what benefits do those investments bring me?

Making Improvements has three great benefits:

1- Your properties will be worth more (your market price will increase)

2- Each improved property will give you more benefits per hour

3- They will increase the level of the Headquarters, which in turn will unlock new Property categories to buy.

Now I became a billionaire and I am about to open a bottle of Champagne, but ... what is this about the Armored Trucks?

Nobody said that being the creator of an Empire was easy! Now that you have a lot of properties and improved Branches, you must collect all that money you are earning ... and for that you need to invest also in Armored Trucks. And be aware! if you do not collect the money at the end of the day, it is lost forever ... (so don't say we didn't warn you, ok?).

Understood about the Armored Trucks! Anything else I should know to get to the top positions in the Ranking?

Well, since you've been very nice to me, I'll tell you one more secret ... if you manage to buy 4 Properties of the same category, you will earn an incremental 10% on the daily profits of those 4 properties! And if you buy 4 more, to a total of 8 properties ... you go from 10% to an additional 20%! So think well to buy before sending an offer, because it is cheap or empty does not mean it serves you in your mission to become a Real Estate Tycoon;)

Greetings and good business!

The Widow Games Team

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