Branches of other players on the map! And New Tutorial!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Hi all!

We continue listening and taking note of the comments that leave us, so this new update brings different news of the most requested by the community!

New Tutorial

While some players prefer not to look at them, many are grateful and take advantage of the advantages of knowing from the start what is the key to start well towards your global real estate empire. For them we developed this tutorial especially!

In the new tutorial you will see some important actions for the first game sessions and keys for later! How to buy, sell and improve properties, how to build branches and how to bid in an auction. Basic but fundamental moves to have your first properties and get the most profit possible to move up the ranking.

See properties of other players

Another great novelty and a good step towards a more social game! You can already see the branches of other players on the map. This will give you the chance to get to know the players that are close to you, see what properties they have on your profile and even make an offer that interests you.

Better bids, improved auctions!

From now on if you make a bid and another player exceeds it, you will recover your money at the moment. You will not have to wait until the auction ends to have those tickets, which are essential for other purchases.

UI and interface improvements

We continue polishing some details to improve the gaming experience on the map and the menus.

And more...

Now, if you sell a property, the game will tell you how much was the market value of it, and in how much did you sell it, and most important... how much money you've made!

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