Launch announcement V.1.3.0: Filters and "Restore Everything" button Updated: Apr. 10

Updated: May 8, 2019

Hello everyone!

We listen to and take note of your comments, and next week we will be launching a new version with the most required improvements for the whole community:

Restoration button of all the properties!

This button will allow you to Restore all the properties in a single action, and thus avoid having to enter property by property to leave it at 100%.

Filters and list orders in "Auctions" and "My Properties"!

In the screens that present a long list of properties (Auctions, Nearby Properties and My Properties), you can filter by different variables to get faster to the one that interests you.

Anchoring in the listings

When entering a property and leaving it, it will not return to the beginning of the list. The lists will be fixed in the last position.

Other Bugs

We will fix the bug that crashed the game when trying to enter the profile of any user in the top 4 or lower, in the Global Ranking screen.

We greatly appreciate all the comments you have sent us (and not to mention your stars!), Because it is what we need to keep improving.

This just started! Stay tuned because they are going to come new features very interesting features for this great game!

Greetings, and good play!

The Widow Games Team

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