In this innovative game of Real-State with Geo-location  you can buy, improve and sell real-life properties everywhere in the world, and create the largest Global Real-Estate Empire!

Imagine that you can become the owner of that Bar where you like to hang out with friends, the Restaurant you visit with your family, or even the Stadium of your favorite team!

Also, because it is about making more and more dollars, you can invest more money upgrading your properties, increasing its value, and sell it in a public auction to hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

Do you live in San Francisco and you traveled to Paris? Would you like to buy the Eiffel Tower, but you don´t have the money yet...? Create a Branch in the City of Lights (or in any city in the world for that matter) and travel back to your new Branch anytime from anywhere and continue buying properties as you where physically there!

Download GEOPOLY (Beta) now and become the CEO of the First Global Real Estate Empire!


The Map section is the “heart” of the game: it´s where you will see all the locations around you, that could be potentially bought and upgraded.

You will also enjoy the “Random Events”: flying objects that will cross over the skies, and if you are able to touch them, they will drop a precious cargo: free Virtual Currency and more Gifts!


This is where users from all over the world buy and sell properties!

Every time an user decides to sell a property, the game will automatically start a new Auction that will be open for 24 hours.

The user that had offered the higher bid at the end of the Auction, will be the new owner of the property.


In this section you will be able to maintain, upgrade and sell your properties.

Be aware! If you don´t maintain your Properties, you can lose them by Abandonment!


The Branches allow you place subsidiaries of your company everywhere in the world, and virtually return to the same location of the Branch whenever you want, to continue shopping around as you were there!




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With the Support of the National Agency of Innovation and Research from Uruguay